Brother Printer Connecting Wlan Stuck: How to fix it?

While using the Brother printer services, many users encounter a Brother Printer Connecting Wlan Stuck problem on their device. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which the error occurs like incorrect wireless settings, wrong Wi-Fi zone, and more. However, there is no need to be panicked, as with the help of some simple troubleshooting guidelines you can easily resolve the error.

Troubleshoot “Brother Printer Connecting Wlan Stuck”  problem: Steps To Follow

Restart the device

The first and foremost thing you need to do is restart your printer, router, and computer. Once you restart the device, you will see a green light blinking on your Wi-Fi router. After that, we connect the devices to Wi-Fi. If the solution does not help, proceed with the next one.

Keep in Wi-Fi zone

You need to check the Wi-Fi signal strength being received by your printing device. For this, you can refer to the Wlan section of your printer screen. Here you can find the name of your Wi-Fi along with the signal strength information.  If the signal strength is less than 3 bars, it means the signal strength is low. So, you need to place your Brother printer within the signal, connect again, and check the strength.

Reset the Wlan settings

If you are still facing the “Brother printer stuck on connecting WLAN” problem on your device then you need to reset the settings of your WLAN network. Following are the simple instructions you can follow to do the task:

  • Turn on your “Brother printer.
  • Wait and let the screen show your printing device.
  • Go to the printer menu, and from here you have to click on the network option.
  • Hit the next button.
  • Click on the reset network option.
  • Hit the ok button.
  • The screen will prompt you for confirmation. Press 1.
  • Get connected to the Wi-Fi again.

So,  these are some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you with the Brother Printer Connecting Wlan Stuckerror on your device. It is important to make sure that you are using the upgraded version of your printer software. The outdated version can also be the reason that you are getting connectivity issues. The provided instructions will definitely help you to troubleshoot the problem. But, if you are still having a hard time resolving the error, get in touch with the team of experts for professional assistance.