Brother scanner not working

Brother printers are very popular among users for its high reliability and amazing printer performance. The printer comes with user-friendly features to share incredible printing, scanning, and copying experience with the customers.  However, technical troubles may occur from time to time and hamper the user experience.  If you have recently upgraded your Windows operating system to the latest version, you may experience Brother scanner not working problems with your printer. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which your scanner may not work and if you want to fix the issue, you need to follow the simple troubleshooting steps.  In this post, we are going to share some simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help to fix Brother scanner not working issues. So, read the instructions carefully and follow the simple steps to fix the issue.

Why Is Brother Scanner Not Working?

There might be the incorrect network configuration causing the scanner not to work, or you have installed the incorrect scanner driver. But don’t worry,  there are some easy solutions that can help you to fix the issue. Let’s proceed next and learn the simple steps:

Check and Make Sure Brother Printer Is Turned On

The first thing you have to do is to check the power supply to your printing device.  If the printer LCD is blank when turned on, your printer is either in sleep mode or has some technical issues.  All you have to do is to press the button to wake up your printer from sleep mode.  Turn off your printer and unplug the power cord. Check and make sure that everything is working fine.  Turn on the printer and check the LCD for error messages like ink toner empty or paper jam error.  If any error message is appearing on your screen, you need to troubleshoot it.

Check network connection

For the Brother printer configuration, you can use the network scanning feature in the ‘ Peer To Peer Network’  environment.  While working in the network shared environment,  the scanning feature will work from the server system, not from the user’s device.

Check Print Ability

Your Brother printer must be available to print the documents.  Unavailability could be the reason that the Brother printer won’t scan Windows 10.  To check out the printer property options, you can proceed with the steps below:

  • Click on the Start button and open the Control panel.
  • Find the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option.
  • Search for the ‘Device and Printer’ where you can see the name of your printer.
  • Right-click on the name of your printer and choose the printer properties option.
  • Now you need to click on the ‘Print test page’ and check if your Brother printing device is available for printing the documents.

Reinstall the Scanner  Drivers

Outdated scanner drivers could be the reason that your Brother scanner is not working on Windows 10.  If you want to fix the problem, you need to uninstall the scanner drivers and then reinstall it again on your device. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button and choose the Brother option from ‘All Apps’.
  • Choose ‘Brother Utilities’.
  • Click on the Printer model number and check out the list.
  • Choose the ‘Tools’ option from the navigation and tap to uninstall.
  • When you see the user account control screen appearing, tap on Yes or Allow.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the drivers.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Visit the Brother printer option website to re-install the scanner software and drivers.

We hope that after following the simple guidelines you would be able to fix the Brother scanner not working issue on Windows 10 devices. The mentioned steps are simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt or there is any other query hampering your experience contact the experts. The professionals can give you the best advice to fix the issue and make sure that you enjoy the best printing and scanning experience with Brother.