How do I connect my HP printer to the WiFi?

Printers are one of the most essential devices used in home and work premises. The device allows users to take hard copies of documents within seconds. Among the different printer models available, HP printers are considered to be the best. These printers share an amazing printing experience and let users print documents from any location with uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity.  If you are also looking forward to completing the HP Printer Wi-fi setup, this post can help you. Here,  we are sharing some simple guidelines that can let you complete the setup process without any trouble.

So, keep reading and follow the simple steps to complete HP printer setup wifi for your home and office network.

Setup HP WiFi Printer: Steps to Follow 

To connect your printer to Wi-Fi, you must know the Wi-Fi network name and password. Here are the steps you have to  follow:

  • Turn on your printer. 
  • Click ” printer control panel”.
  • Choose the network option.
  • Choose the ” wireless setup wizard”  option. Now you can see the list of available Wi-Fi networks within the range.
  • From here, select the Wi-Fi network name.
  • If you are unable to find the Wi-Fi network listed, you need to manually enter the Wi-Fi network name by scrolling to the bottom.  Make sure that you enter the correct information.
  • Proceed with HP Printer Wi-fi setup and enter the WPA passphrase. 
  • Once you enter the pass-phrase, your device will be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • After this, you can print a  Wi-Fi network test report to make sure that everything is working fine.

So, this is how you can complete the HP Printer Wi-fi setup with the wireless setup Wizard method. If your device supports the WPS push button, you can also use the Wi-Fi-protected setup method to connect your HP printer to the Wi-Fi network. Just make sure that the printer and router have the WPS push button.

Wrapping up

With the help of the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily complete the HP printer setup Wi-Fi process and start printing the documents over the wireless network. The given instructions are simple and let you print the documents wirelessly with your HP printer whenever you want.  However, if you are still having trouble completing the Printer Wi-fi setup on your own, or there is any other technical query not letting you complete the setup, you can always contact the experts.  The support team is available around the clock to help, so seek professional advice anytime you want.