HP Envy 5660 troubleshooting

HP printer is one of the leading printing brands trusted by millions of users worldwide.  Among the different HP models,  HP Envy 5660 is considered to be the best choice for printing and scanning the documents.  However, technical issues are common to occur just like any other printing device.  If you want to troubleshoot those technical issues to continue with quality printing experience you need to follow some simple HP Envy 5660 troubleshooting guidelines.  Troubleshooting the problem is not a difficult task,  all you need is to follow the guidelines carefully and you can easily overcome the hassle.  In this post, we are sharing the simple step by step instructions for HP Envy 5660 troubleshooting. So, read on and follow the simple steps to complete the task.

Common HP Envy 5660 Printer Problems and Troubleshooting Solutions

Printer Spooler Error

If your device is showing you the ‘Print Spooler Error’  on the screen, you need to follow the below mentioned HP Envy 5660 troubleshooting steps to fix the problem:

  • Close all the running programs on your computer.
  • Click on the Start button, go to the Administrative Tool>> Services option.
  • Scroll down and choose the ‘Print Spooler’ option. Right-click and choose ‘Stop’.
  • Go to My Computer>> Double click on ‘Local Disk (:C)>> Windows Folder>>System 32 folder>>Spool>> Printers.
  • Delete the printing job.
  • Get back to the Services section and find the ‘Print Spooler’ services. After that, right-click on it and choose the ‘Start’ option.
  • Print the test page.


Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.

Printer Offline Error

If your HP Envy 5660 printer is appearing offline, then there could be a connectivity error.  You can proceed with the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Download the ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ tool visiting the HP official website.
  • Download the software on your Windows or Mac device. Open the software and ‘Start’ it.
  • Choose your Printer name.
  • Your device might be encouraged for turning on the Printer updates. Tap on the Yes button to install and click to Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the task.
  • Your printer offline error will be fixed.

Paper Jam Error

While printing the documents using your HP Envy 5660  printer, you may encounter a paper jam error. Here are the troubleshooting steps you can proceed with:

  • Check the Input and Output trays to find if paper jam is there.
  • Open Automatic Document Feeder, and remove the paper jammed in the device.
  • Print the test page and make sure that everything is working fine.

We hope that these simple steps can help you in troubleshooting the  HP Envy 5660 printer problems. So, follow the steps carefully and make sure that everything works fine.  All the troubleshooting guidelines are simple and easy to follow. But if you are still unable to identify the problem and troubleshoot it, we recommend you to contact the printer experts.  The professionals can give you the best possible advice to fix the problem and make sure that you have great printing experience with HP Envy 5660 printer.