Why is The HP Printer Printing The Blank Page?

You may need to print the important documents, but you are unable to do it because your HP printer is printing blank pages.  What will you do at the moment? Well, before you move next to fix the HP inkjet printers blank pages error, you need to know the possible reasons behind the error occurrence. The most common reason due to which printer prints blank pages is the incorrect ink cartridge usage, or your device may be running out of ink. The dirty printhead can also be the reason due to which you may get the error.

Now that you know the possible reasons, let’s proceed next with the simple steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Replace the ink cartridge

If your device is running out of ink, the printer will print the blank pages. So you need to replace the ink cartridge to troubleshoot the problem. It is recommended to go for the one recommended by your printer manufacturer. The ink cartridge must be compatible with your printer model. As an alternative, you can also refer to the HP user guide to find which ink cartridge is best for you.

Clean the printhead

The dirty or clogged printhead is another common reason due to which users encounter HP printer printing Blank Page errors on their device. You must unclog the printhead using a piece of paper. Remove the dirt or dust from your device gently to avoid any further trouble. Cleaning the printhead takes some time, also, you may need to repeat the task over again until the quality of your print documents is improved.

Check the size of paper

The incorrect size of paper can also cause the printer to print the blank pages. So before you print the document it is recommended to check the size of the paper and use the recommended by your printer manufacturer. You can choose the print preview option to make sure that you have selected the correct paper size.

We hope that these simple steps will help you to fix the blank pages error on your HP inkjet printers. The provided troubleshooting guidelines are easy to follow. However, if you are still unable to print the documents or your device is printing the blank pages, you must contact the professionals to get a piece of expert advice. You can call the HP support team any time of the day as experts are available around the clock to help. The printer experts will help you  to find the best possible solution and also make sure that that compromise is your print experience while using the HP services.